I’m a Kitty Softpaws Wannabee

Kitty Soft Paws from new Film "Puss In Boots"

My blog readers might have noticed by now that I jump at any opportunity to do stories for APTN’s Entertainment department.  It gives me a break from all the political and Vatican stories that I do most days.  On Friday there was a press conference in Rome with Actors Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek from the new animated film “Puss in Boots.” They were talking about the film together with the film’s Director Chris Miller and Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.  I found Banderas handsome, charming and the perfect man to play “Puss”.  I was fascinated by Jeffrey Katzenberg’s comment that it takes the best animator in the world a good week of work to make 3 seconds of animation, adding that it took 400 artists working for four years to do “Puss in Boots,”  and it was interesting to hear Director Chris Miller say his biggest nightmare was animating fur, making it look soft and fluffy.

But since I am interested in questions of women, I couldn’t help being most intrigued by the feminist feline character Kitty Softpaws. During the press conference Salma Hayek said she thought being Kitty Soft Paws was a dream job.

Actress Salma Hayek enumerating all the wonderful aspects of being Kitty Softpaws at Press Conference in Rome. Freeze Frame of APTN footage shot by Paolo Lucariello.

Here’s Salma Hayek’s direct quote:  “this was a dream job for me… I got to play a character that is a feminist character, that is very strong, that always has the last word, this is so much fun to win over Antonio Banderas as a cat.  She is very good with the sword, she is very good at dancing, she can jump from one building to another.  So many times now when I am stuck in traffic I think, I wish I were Kitty Soft Paws right now.”

I am with Salma Hayek.  I want to be Kitty Softpaws who can jump from one building to another when I am stuck in my Fiat in Roman traffic.  I looked into the Kitty character a little more when I got back to the office and found out she is beautful, strong sensual and funny.  She has no claws so she is the ultimate pick-pocket, softly slipping off Puss’s hat when she meets him.  She is a pro at verbal sparring and a pro with the sword too.

Sounds like the life to me.  I’ve had enough of being the frazzled, stressed-out working Mamma.  I like the idea of being a swashbuckling, sensual, sword-fighting Kitty Softpaws. My daughters might want to be the next Hannah Montana or Selena Gomez but their Mozzarella Mamma has officially become a Kitty Softpaws wannabee!


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    Elspeth Slayter

    OK – I am a Salma Hayek fan – and now a Kitty Softpaws wannabee as well! I think the harried, overworked, busy, in need of depilation, in need of manicure, in need of hairdresser visit career plus caretaker women out there can really relate to the allure of the strong, smart and capable feminist able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Of course, it takes a staff to do it with the grace that beloved Salma does, but what a lovely image. I want to see our Mozzarella Mamma envision “what would kitty softpaws do” moments (akin to “what would jesus do”) in the months to come. Brava!

    • Trisha Thomas
      Trisha Thomas

      Thank you Els! Salma Hayek really is lovely and a good choice to do the voice of Kitty Softpaws. I think I really am going to need to try to be like Kitty Softpaws as I face the pre-Christams stress as a frazzled working woman.

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    you old softy, you!

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    Kitty Softpaws and Salma Hayek too. Wow!!!!! Double joy.

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    lisa|renovating italy

    Well when you put it that way I love Kitty Softpaws as well especially her wit and daring! Working with Antonio wouldn’t be bad either!!
    ciao lisa


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