December 4, 2012

A Violet Vespa

A violet vespa parked at the end of a dead end street in Rome. Photo by Trisha Thomas

Today I was late for parent-teacher meetings at my daughter’s school and I came flying out of the office and down to Piazza Colleggio Romano and was heading to the bus stop on Rome’s Via del Corso when this violet vespa stopped me short.  I pass that corner several times a day, coming and going from work, or heading to the coffee bar for my morning cappuccino, but in all these years of passing that corner, I have never seen a violet vespa.  What struck me even more than the fact that it was violet, was that it was parked right under the sign that said “Strada Senza Uscita”, Dead End.

Somehow that violet vespa  conjured up for me an image of a carefree, frivolous young woman on her violet vespa, who ran into a dead end and just stopped right there, parked the vespa in a cobblestone patch and walked on without a worry.  I almost expected to see some Audrey Hepburn type flitting around nearby.

Ah, just give me a violet vespa, and maybe all my worries will disappear.


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Trisha Thomas

Author: Trisha Thomas

Trisha is a TV journalist working for AP TV News in Rome. She is married to an Italian and is a Mamma of three.


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    Ahh such is the romantic interpretation, but maybe it was a poor messenger who could only afford to buy a 2nd hand Vespa that was lavender and had belonged to a newly married woman whose new husband had demanded she get rid of her Vespa. Perhaps the messenger had run down the dead end street to deliver his package as quickly as possible. Oh there are many stories, happy and sad that we could build up starting with the violent Vespa!!

    What a great start!!

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    Ahh now you’ve got me started…what is the story behind the dented rear fender? Dented but no chipped paint. Maybe it was repainted because??? Why is there so much dirt on the foot rest? Mud like that is not likely to have been aquired in Rome unless…..???

    • Trisha Thomas

      It is a mystery….I suppose we could build a whole story around the woman with the violet vespa.

    • Trisha Thomas

      Isn’t that a beautiful violet vespa, and I am wondering too where has she gone? When I passed by that corner this morning going to the office the violet vespa was not there. It made me wonder if it all had been a figment of my imagination.

    • Trisha Thomas

      Oh, you are right, maybe I should just adjust my Mozzarella Mamma manuscript to become “The Adventures of Violet Vespa”, except that Violet Vespa has to be so much more romantic, and mysterious than the Mozzarella Mamma, and yes that would be unromantic, unmysterious me, Trisha Thomas.

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    Dear Trisha I wish you violet vespa’s….multitudes of violet vespa’s….much like those ladybirds! That waif like Audrey Hepburn skipped away from her cares and left them all behind….don’t say you are unromantic…who else would have stopped to capture this mystery if not you my friend!!!

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