Kevin’s Puzzle

Note to Blog Readers: For the past four days I have been on the Island of Giglio covering the aftermath of the devastating shipwreck of the Costa Concordia Cruise Liner for Associated Press Television News. As of today (Monday, January 23, 2012) there are 13 dead and 19 missing. Today I want to tell the […]

A Chilling Conversation

Dear Blog Readers– The AP office in Rome has been a bit busy the past few days covering the story of the Costa Concordia Cruise ship that came too close to the Giglio Island, off the coast of Tuscany, hit some rocks and capsized Friday night.  Rescuers found five more bodies today bringing the total […]

The Christmas Tree and the Raincloud

Every year the Christmas season begins for me when we cover the arrival of the Vatican Christmas tree. We go to the Vatican at dawn and film as an 18-wheeler, flat-bed truck rolls into St. Peter’s Square with the gigantic tree. We stand around stamping our feet in the chilly, damp air as men in […]

Sacrifice and Tears in Italy

Mozzarella Mamma Blog Readers, I was looking forward to completing a blog post today on Italy’s Tiger Mamma, but my plans were foiled when I got called into work to cover a press conference by Italy’s new Prime Minister Mario Monti announcing his new austerity measures that are supposed to pull Italy back from the […]

I’m a Kitty Softpaws Wannabee

My blog readers might have noticed by now that I jump at any opportunity to do stories for APTN’s Entertainment department.  It gives me a break from all the political and Vatican stories that I do most days.  On Friday there was a press conference in Rome with Actors Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek from […]

SUV’s, Soccer Stars and Pasta

 In May 2009 I learned that not only food but soccer (or “calcio”–meaning “kick” in Italian) is a fundamental conversation topic for anyone spending time in Italy. It came about in a strange way. I was among the journalists on the Papal plane on Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to Jordan, Israel and the Occupied Territories. […]

Berlusconi’s Babes – Part II

Berlusconi served as Prime Minister for years before journalists in Rome paid much attention to his private life, but then it hit us like a bomb. It was well known that Berlusconi like to flirt and liked young beautiful women. He made some waves when he put showgirls and starlets on his political party lists […]

Silvio Berlusconi and Me – Part I

On Saturday night Silvio Berlusconi – the man who has dominated Italian politics for the last 18 years- drove from his Roman residence Palazzo Grazioli up the street to Italy’s Quirinale Presidential Palace and submitted his resignation as Prime Minister. He had to take a round-about route because the streets were filled with joyful protesters […]