Michelle Obama at Vicenza Army Base, Italy

At a certain point last Friday morning when I was covering Michelle Obama’s visit to the US Army Garrison in Vicenza, Italy, I was rushing with AP Television cameraman Gigi Navarra to get into position to film the First Lady and her daughters serving ice cream to kids on the base. I was dragging my […]

Michelle Obama in Italy

“Non ha la puzza sotto il naso” AP Television Cameraman Gigi Navarra told me after spending two days following Michelle Obama on her visit to Northern Italy. Translated directly that would mean “she doesn’t have a smell under her nose,” or more specifically: she isn’t stuck up, she’s not a snob, she does not have […]

A Cool Leader, a Healthy Queen, and a Spunky Migrant Girl

Dear Blog Readers – One of the joys of working for a television news agency is that we are constantly on the move covering everything and anything that falls within our area. In the AP Television Rome bureau we don’t have a beat. So we cover the Vatican, Politics, Migrants, Entertainment, Crime, Natural Disasters, etc […]

The World in a Sneaker

Dear Blog Readers – This is Part II of my Reporter’s Notebook on my recent time in Sicily. When I was in Sicily recently we did a report for AP Television together with my AP wire  and photo colleagues on the sneakers given to the migrants in the Port of Catania, Sicily. For some reason, […]

Baboucar’s Journey

Note for Blog-Readers – I have spent a lot of time in Sicily this spring covering the migrant story and I have not had enough time for posts. I’ve now decided to do several posts as a diary for myself, a sort of Reporter’s Notebook– a write-up of my notes with photos and freeze frames […]

Tom Hanks and the Salone del Cinquecento

“Cinquecento, Cinquecento”, Tom Hanks says quickly and I start giggling.  “I just like the sound of that,” he adds, “Salone del Cinquecento, that sounds so much better than the Hall of 500.”  I am standing in the Palazzo Pitti in Florence interviewing Tom Hanks about his work on the film “Inferno” and he’s given my […]

Silla’s Story

Dear Blog Readers – After spending nearly a week in Sicily working on the migrant story this month, I had so much material for a blog post, but no energy left to write it, so this post will be brief. The AP team was working around the clock covering ships arriving in the port of […]