A Cantankerous Prince and a Superwoman Winemaker

“I don’t drink coffee,” Alessia Antinori declares as she looks out at the neat rows of organically grown lettuce, peas, fava beans and others vegetables at the Fattoria Fiorano in Rome. “I drink wine.” “You have got to be kidding?” I say, putting down my pen and taking a break from my frenetic note taking. […]

The Titanic Vacation

I could make a  series of movies titled “Titanic Vacations with my Family” staring my husband, of course, the frustrated, middle-aged man secretly in love with that rather mechanical woman inside his car navigator who occasionally re-routes but never talks back and he can always turn off during moments of tension. That navigatrice is in […]

Wranglers and Rosaries

July 5, 2015
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It is summer time!! Time to send our teenagers to camp!! Why would we want to do that? To get rid of them, of course. Preferably a camp without any electronic devices permitted to limit all possible contact. If any of my blog readers are thinking I am a “mamma snaturata” – a bad mom—you […]

The Toilet Paper War

It all started on a Tuesday morning at 7am a few weeks ago when I went into the bathroom and discovered there was no toilet paper. I sleepily shuffled over to the other bathroom where my Italian husband was shaving and knocked on the door and said: “Hey, can you hand me out some toilet […]

Seventh Versus Eighth and the Purple Undies

October 16, 2014
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Dear Blog Readers — I am drowning in the Vatican’s Synod on the Family — ever since the Relatio (preliminary document) came out on Monday, the conservatives are blaming the progressives for going to far and the progressives are blaming the press for spinning the story.  Members of the press are interviewing other members of […]

Vampire Mamma

October 7, 2014
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MMiM If you are male, STOP RIGHT HERE. DO NOT READ ANOTHER WORD. PHEW. Got Rid of Them. OK, female Blog Readers, on with this post.  TOP SECRET – I think Mozzarella Mamma is in menopause (MMiM).  OH, WOE IS ME!  How can it be true???  Now — why would I think that?  Among other […]

Mozz Mamma meets Italian Teenage Summer

July 22, 2014
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Ok, ok, I know I am a total wimp.  After 20 years of living in Rome,  I have lost my Yankee backbone. My tough New England spirit and American true-grit have morphed into something far squishier, the mushy mozzarella method. The other day my cell phone rang on my desk as I was busily editing […]

Doggy Blues or Settimo Cielo

January 4, 2014
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It was still dark in my bedroom this morning when I heard our new dog trotting around my bed, leaving the room, scampering out, trotting back in, around the bed and out again.  My husband is away taking my son back to University in Holland, so I grouchily dragged myself out of bed stumbled into […]