Nico’s Traffic Rules

October 19, 2011
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Verbal eruptions are a common occurrence in Italian traffic.  For starters, lots of Italians drive like maniacs.  All traffic regulations are optional and negotiable depending on the situation.  When Gustavo gave me my first ‘driving lesson’ in Rome, he explained a few simple rules.  “You might as well just toss out the rear-view mirror.  No […]

Jeremy Irons on Women and Food

I had the opportunity today for a brief interview with actor Jeremy Irons after he was named the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s new Goodwill Ambassador. The FAO has its headquarters in Rome. A quick glance at Irons’ biography is mind-boggling.  He has starred in dozens of movies (“The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Reversal of Fortune, […]

Door-stepping the High and Mighty

Associated Press Television News (APTN) is the little-known television side of the famous AP wire service. The TV side basically does the same thing but with video. While the wires and photos go out to newspapers around the globe, our video edits go out to hundreds of broadcasters all around the world from NHK in […]

“I am going to kill HER!!!!”

October 11, 2011
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As with many languages, Italian nouns are either masculine or feminine which occasionally has caused me confusion.  Perhaps the most alarming example was one summer shortly after we were married. In the middle of the night, Gustavo snapped on the light, grabbed a magazine, rolled it up, jumped up on the bed and started repeating, […]

From Brats to Pimples and Peas, Italian Language for Moms

One of my favorite aspects of the Italian language are the endings ‘ino’, ‘one’, and ‘accio’. You can change the nature of a word just by adding one of those three endings. ‘Ino’ (pronounced eee-no) makes the subject small, ’one’ (pronounced oh-nay) makes it big, and ‘accio’ (pronounced ah-choh) makes it bad.  So a door, […]

The Amanda Knox Reality Show

Amanda Knox is now back at home in Seattle, APTN has pulled out its satellite truck, we’ve pulled the cables out of the courtroom, packed up our computers, and now I am back in Rome. After spending six days in Perugia, I finally have a moment to write down some of my reflections on the […]

Curt Knox’s Vigil

It is a gorgeous, sunny, cool fall day in Perugia. The locals are out strolling up and down the central Corso Vannucci enjoying the sunshine while the hundreds of journalists here for the Amanda Knox verdict are scurrying around trying to do background stories.                       […]

Waiting for Amanda

I am now one of the more than 400 journalists who have been accredited to cover the verdict in the Amanda Knox appeals trial. It is expected on Monday. Friday was the last full day of courtroom hearings. Here is my behind the scenes look at what was going on both in and outside the […]