Covering “To Rome With Love”

Yesterday I got the fun assignment of covering Woody Allen’s presentation of his latest film, “To Rome with Love”, starring Woody himself, Penelope Cruz, and Roberto Benigni among others. Despite being the “world premiere” Woody personally chose not to let the foreign press into the morning press screening because the film was dubbed into Italian […]

Palm Sunday at the Vatican

Every year I enjoy covering big events at the Vatican. Aside from my job as a journalist who needs to cover the event and worry about the significance of the Homily and the health of the Pope, I enjoy the show.  The Vatican knows how to put on visually dramatic, spectacularly colorful, deeply meaningful performances. […]

Restoring Greatness

Dear Blog Reader:  I have not posted in a week which I understand is an eternity in the busy blogsphere.  However, I have been busy with my job, first I went back to the Island of Giglio to do more reporting on the shipwrecked Costa Concordia ( see A Chilling Conversation and Kevin’s Puzzle), and then […]

Red and Black

Dear Blog Readers, I have been busy this week preparing for today’s Consistory during which 22 men were raised to Cardinals.  During a majestic ceremony today in Saint Peter’s Basilica, each of the Cardinal-designates knelt in front of the Pope who placed a Cardinal’s red biretta hat on each one’s head and slid a cardinal’s […]

Report of Plot to Kill the Pope

A heavy, wet snow fell over the Vatican Friday night creating a deep sense of gloom and doom around the small city-state following a shocking front page story Friday morning revealing a plot to kill the Pope.  The news story was the culmination of what appears to be vicious infighting behind Vatican walls. The Italian daily […]

Watch Your Tongue, Hands, and Eyes

Dear Blog Readers:  I am gearing up to cover a Consistory at the Vatican on February 18th and 19th during which Pope Benedict XVI will create 22 new cardinals.  Eighteen of these new “Princes of the Church” will be eligible to vote for the next Pope in the next conclave.  A Consistory is always a […]

A Blanket of Snow for Rome

It snowed in Rome today!! It was unbelieveable.  I have lived here for 18 years and I have never seen anything like it.  Once every few years there is a brief flurry of wet snowflakes, but  they almost always melt immediately.  Today it snowed from lunch-time until evening. I am from Boston, so I love […]

A Bag of Beans

The Rome office of Associated Press Television News covers Italy, the Vatican and also the two UN organizations based in Rome, the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Food Programme. Over the years I have been impressed at the bravery and determination of many of the people working at the WFP who are willing […]