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Trisha Thomas

From Cappuccino to Cobblestones: Italian Tales
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Pope Francis Apologizes

EDMONTON NOTEBOOK Dear Blog Readers, I am writing from Edmonton, Canada where I came to cover the Pope’s apology to the Indigenous people for the devastating acts of the Church against children in residential schools. From the 1850s to 1970s...

Lesbos Notebook

This past weekend I flew to the Greek island of Lesbos to work with AP colleagues covering the visit of the Pope to the island. Pope Francis has made migration a priority of his papacy.  During a visit to Lesbos...

G20 Rome Madness

Take 20 leaders of the nations with the world’s biggest economies, bring them to a beautiful, chaotic city with cobblestone streets and ancient ruins, add in delegations with a sprinkling of foreign and finance ministers, spouses, and a few children. ...

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