deadlines and the dolce vita

Trisha Thomas

From Cappuccino to Cobblestones: Italian Tales
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G20 Rome Madness

Take 20 leaders of the nations with the world’s biggest economies, bring them to a beautiful, chaotic city with cobblestone streets and ancient ruins, add in delegations with a sprinkling of foreign and finance ministers, spouses, and a few children. ...

Padua Notes

Last week my daughter donned a laurel wreath with a violet ribbon running through it and grinned from ear to ear as her friends chanted “Dott-O-Ray, Dott-O- Ray” – followed by some silly, lewd phrases that are not repeatable.  It...


 This past week, I went on a wild boar hunt.  Not the kind that one might imagine in Italy, tromping through the Tuscan forest carrying a rifle.  No, this hunt was in the city of Rome, armed with cameras....

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