Traveling with Pope Francis in Armenia

Dear Blog Readers, This post is going to be a behind-the-scenes photo album of the trip to Armenia with the Pope because it is too late to fill you in on all the news. On Friday morning I got up at 5am to get ready to head for the airport and the first thing I […]

Pope Francis heads to Armenia

Pope Francis leaves Friday morning for a three-day trip to Armenia where he will visit a memorial for the victims of the Armenian Genocide and push for peace, symbolically releasing a dove near the Turkish border. Given the Brexit vote, this trip may get less attention than some of his other trips but, as a […]

A Spectacular Sight – The Roman Forum at Night

Dear Blog Readers – Here is a quick visual blog post on a story I did the other night on a new system of LED lights in the Forum. AP Television got invited on an advance tour on Tuesday night by the Ministry of Culture to see the new lighting. It was spectacular. I brought […]

Feeling the Bern at the Vatican

Let me tell all you blog readers where I was feeling the “Bern” – all up and down my right arm as I desperately tried to keep our boom microphone high in the air above Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders as he gave a statement nearly squashed by dozens of journalists, photographers and camerapersons against […]

Lizzy Myers meets Pope Francis

Dear Blog Readers — this is not a proper post, just a few freeze frames of video shot by AP Television cameraman Gianfranco Stara showing Lizzy Myers at the Pope’s weekly audience today. At the end of the audience the Pope walked up to her, kissed her and touched both her eyes.  She gave him […]

Lizzy Myers’ Visual Bucket List

Dear Blog Readers, This past week we have been following the story of little Lizzy Myers, the five-year-old girl from Mansfield, Ohio who has come to Rome with her family as part of a “visual bucket list” they are trying to complete before she goes blind. By the time you read this post Lizzy will […]

Cardinal Pell Takes the Stand in Rome

Dear Blog Readers, Last night I had the bizarre experience of sitting through three hours of testimony by Australian Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican’s Chief of Finance, to the Australian Royal Commission on Child Abuse. As over a hundred of us – journalists, survivors, relatives of victims –sat in a hotel in Rome, listening to […]

Fences, Barbed Wire and Walls – In Juarez with Pope Francis

In one day the Pope went behind the walls of Cereso N. 3, one of the more violent, dangerous prisons in the world where he hugged prisoners and urged them to “write a new story” and “move forward,” telling them that “we know what is done, is done.” He prayed before the imposing border fence […]