Get a Grip, Europe!

It is time for Europe to get a grip. This week fundamentalist Islamic terrorists blasted the heart of Europe with suicide bomb attacks in Brussels that left over 30 people dead and hundreds wounded. In a deeply symbolic gesture they hit the center of European power, even targeting the Maelbeck subway stop outside the European …

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Triton Update

Dear Blog Readers – Here is a quick update to my earlier post (Back to Lampedusa) on visiting the Portuguese ship Viana Do Castelo. When my AP Television colleague Paolo Santalucia and I visited the ship last Wednesday there were no migrant spottings, but on Friday night the ship kicked into action overnight with their …

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Last Tango in Paris

I was tempted to title this blog post “Dump Him, Valérie!!,”  but I suppose I will leave that for the conclusion, instead I’ve borrowed the headline of an Italian gossip magazine “Oggi”.  I have become slightly obsessed in the past few days with the sordid sex and politics drama in Paris.  I think it is …

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