Alessia – Breaking Barriers in a Man’s World

Alessia Giuliani -First woman Photographer dedicated exclusive to covering the Vatican. On Pope Trip to Madrid, August 2011. Photo by Trisha Thomas

Last week I did a story for AP television on Alessia Giuliani, the first woman photographer dedicated exclusively to covering the Vatican and the Pope.  I decided to do the story while we were both covering the Pope’s trip to Madrid for World Youth Day last August.  On Pope trips I have to drag around a tripod and a computer, which can be exhausting when one is often taken to the first event at dawn and finishes after the last event late in the evening.  I was amazed watching Alessia.  She is the only woman photographer on the Pope’s plane and carries tons of equipment, various cameras, lenses, monopod and computer.  Everyone knows her.  The Swiss Guards always stop to chat with her when they head to the back of the plane.  Bishops,  Cardinals and the Pope’s spokesman also stop to say hello.  Alessia is friends with all the photographers who enjoy having her with them. Her work is physically demanding and the financial rewards are minimal, but that doesn’t make her any less determined.

Alessia has broken down barriers in a man’s world with humilty, a great sense of humor, respect for all, and professionalism and passion for her work.

To see my story about Alessia, and video of her in action at the Vatican, click on this LINK

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    1. I think Alessia is motivated by a passion for her art. She is a truly talented photographer. The still photo of John Paul II in my APTN report was taken by her. Also, like me, she clearly enjoys “being there” on big events and news stories and using her photography to tell the story to the world. She and I both covered the death and funeral of Pope John Paul II and the election of Pope Benedict XVI. We were also both on some pretty interesting trips, including Benedict XVI’s trip to Jordan, Israel and the West Bank. We were with the Pope when he visited the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, and a Palestinian Refugee camp near Bethelem. Its heady stuff.

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